Mystere au 24 24 號之謎 scarf 90

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H004106S 02


Jonathan Burton 執導一齣大片:鏡頭平移至電影的關鍵場景:福寶大道 24 號總店樓上。Emile Hermès 的辦公室被勇猛無畏的動物佔領。“哈囉?哈囉?”電話另一頭傳出聲音,但完全得不到回音…… 畫面從 50 年代的驚悚片汲取靈感,這位英國設計師邀請我們解開福寶大道24號的謎團。Leïla Menchari 為專門店櫥窗展示打造的犀牛 Zouzou 將一切看在眼裡,但他會保守秘密嗎?

The story behind

Staged by Jonathan Burton. The camera pans down to film the movie’s key scene: upstairs at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Émile Hermès’ office has been taken over by intrepid fauna. “Hello? Hello?” a voice on the phone asks in vain… With this shot inspired by 50s thrillers, the English designer invites us to solve his Mystery at number 24. Zouzou, the rhinoceros imagined by Leïla Menchari for the store’s window displays, has seen it all. But will he keep it a secret?

Designed by Jonathan Burton

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