Silla de Gaucho 高喬風格馬鞍 scarf 90

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以 Silla de Gaucho 絲巾的設計為基礎

Antonio Carrau 借鑑他在烏拉圭的童年記憶,深入研究家鄉的裝飾圖案,打造這座色彩繽紛的花卉馬鞍,頗具 19 和 20 世紀高喬人馬鞍的風采。藝術家以小紙片創作圖像,撕碎後經過精心組裝,展現他最具代表性的風格,以充滿創意的裁切和拼貼技巧為絲巾賦予純粹的幾何圖形精神。

The story behind

Based on the Silla de Gaucho scarf design

Antonio Carrau drew on his childhood memories of Uruguay and researched his country’s decorative motifs to create this colorful and floral saddle, which is reminiscent of gaucho saddles from the 19th and 20th centuries. In keeping with his signature style, the artist created the image from small pieces of paper, which were torn and then meticulously assembled: an original cutting and collage technique that lends the scarf a clean, graphic spirit.

Designed by Antonio Carrau

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