Beaute Composee 交織之美 scarf 90

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H004095S 02


藝術家 Nick Doyle 以丹寧布創作鑲嵌工藝,將這種象徵當代美國文化的材質昇華為作品精髓。絲巾同時採用品牌最新穎和歷史最悠久的精湛工藝,將唇膏、蜜粉刷、馬鞭和 Hermès 馬銜造型細細織入緯線,呈現於斜紋真絲上,以前所未見的手法詮釋經典構圖。

The story behind

The essence of artist Nick Doyle’s work is to create inlays of denim, a fabric symbolic of contemporary America. Here, the House’s newest métier rubs shoulders with its most historical: lipsticks, powder brushes, whips and stylized Hermès bits are transposed onto silk twill, weft on weft. A new take on a classic composition.

Designed by Nick Doyle

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