Au Royaume d’Helios 赫里阿斯的王國 scarf 70

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H984028S 03


貓頭鷹和貓以訝異的神情,觀看為奧林帕斯山諸神傳遞訊息的使者馳騁而過。奇幻的場景在赫利俄斯(Helios)的王國中上演,也就是希臘太陽神統御的國度,他每天早晨都會駕駛由四匹白馬拉的黃金戰車飛向天際。Hermès 身處月亮、雲彩和流星之間,頭戴翅膀頭盔且手持神杖,時而站立於表情驚訝的星球上,時而舒適地穩坐在戰車中,時而策馬疾行。半人半神的 Hermès 讓人聯想到 Jean Cocteau 筆下的生物,又或是 Georges Melies 創造的角色,身披星光以光速旅行。

The story behind

The owl and cat watch in astonishment as a messenger for the gods of Olympus rides past. The fantastical scene takes place in the kingdom of Helios, the Greek god of the Sun who would fly up into the sky every morning in his golden chariot drawn by four white horses. Among the moons, clouds and shooting stars, Hermès, wearing his winged helmet and holding his caduceus in one hand, can be seen standing on an astonished planet, comfortably seated in his chariot, and riding his horse. Half-man, half-god, he calls to mind Jean Cocteau’s creatures, or the characters created by Georges Melies. Dressed in his starry attire, he travels at the speed of light.

Designed by Matthieu Cossé

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