H&M’s New Luxury Brand ‘& Other Stories’ to Launch Spring 2013

近期說起鬧哄哄的莫過於是 H&M Group 推出的全新品牌 & Other Stories;品牌正式宣佈將會率先座落於 London Regent Street 的正中央,及後還會開設於 Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris 以及 Stockholm。現在可率先在 youtube 收看品牌的花絮以及創作意念的短片(按),也可以到官網預毛流連一下,很期待吧。

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The H&M group has finally confirmed ‘& Other Stories’ will be launched in the coming Spring (2013). The first ‘& Other Stories’ store will be located on the central of Regent Street, London. They have been already teasing soo-too-be customers with a series of mysterious Youtube videos, showing all the creation & inspiration behind verious aspects of the label. Inculding Bags, Jewellery, Beauty, Shoes…, click them here. Click here for the offical website: http://www.stories.com/

source: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/

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