Out of Stock – Dilthey 01 WOMEN 圓領黑白混色外套 (111006-01)

Dilthey [‘dɪltaɪ̯]
WOMEN 圓領黑白混色外套

帶點 French Chic 的黑白外套,可以配 all black,也可以搭牛仔褲穿出 causal 風格。利用兩股毛線混合,一股是黑色棉線,另一股是白黑色 Mohair 混 Merino;用棉線代替羊毛穿起來不會太熱,可以穿在秋涼和初春。棉線的挺拔讓衣服線條俐落立體,Mohair 突顯矜貴,而 Merino 有吸收水蒸氣的作用,是被喻為可以為身體調溫的最好線材。圖案花樣是暗暗的扭紋格仔,寬版形,圓領,領口有暗小打摺,手袖臂位特闊,配上同樣來自德國的米白色膠製小鈕,寬版形穿起來簡約復古。

Regular Fit. Women.
Measurement: Pit to Pit 54cm, Length 50cm
(毛線製品在拉扯有容易存在大小差異,度量尺寸為平放 +/- 2cm)

– Hand Knitted.
– Ethically sourced fibres from Hamburg, Germany.

– Wool Mix (Cotton + 52% Merino, 43% Mohair, 5% Nylon).

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– Hand Knitted (Not Factories!) & Long lasting materials. :)
– Knits made with human hands, love and ethically sourced fibres.
– Wool garments requires less washing. But when it is time to wash wool clothes, you can hand wash them with wool-friendly detergent.
– Because wool is a natural resource and our knits are made by hand, there might be some imperfection due to natures ways.
– Actual garment colours might differ slightly from images.

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