Hermès Flagship 愛馬仕旗艦 scarf 90

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Dimitri Rybaltchenko 透過望遠鏡仔細觀察這艘船,氛圍令人聯想到福寶大道總店:船首砌有琢石,希臘眾神以略帶嫉妒的眼光俯視盛大的慶祝活動,透過櫥窗彷彿可以一窺究竟。如果把總店的地標建築比做一艘大船,Hermès 已經在海上航行了一個世紀,隨著千隻飛馬隨風飛翔的節奏,展開宏偉的風帆。

The story behind

Observed through Dimitri Rybaltchenko’s telescope, this boat has an air of Faubourg about it, with its evenly paved stones visible on the bow and display windows where celebrations seem to be in full swing, under the slightly envious gaze of the Greek gods. As a truly legendary landmark, the great Hermès ship has been sailing the seas for a century, revealing its majestic sails to the rhythm of the wind blown by a thousand pegasuses.

Designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

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