Harnais de Coeur 甜蜜的鞍具 scarf 90

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H004090S 12


以 Harnais de Cœur 絲巾的設計為基礎

Daiske Nomura 透過設計為建築師和室內設計師 Fontaine 和 Percier 設計的盤子賦予俠義浪漫的氣息。盤子於 1804 年打造而成,現由 Emile Hermès 博物館珍藏。兩個世紀後,這對可愛的駿馬化身為情話綿綿的愛侶,他們的心拴上鞍具,連馬蹄都經過精心裝飾,準備展開羅曼蒂克的奔跑。

The story behind

Based on the Harnais de Cœur scarf design

With this design, Daiske Nomura gives an air of chivalrous romance to a plate by the architects and decorators Fontaine and Percier, which dates from 1804 and is part of the Émile Hermès collection. Two centuries later, the lovely couple are playing the role of flirtatious lovebirds, with their hearts harnessed and embellished right down to the hooves. It’s time for a romantic trot.

Designed by Daiske Nomura

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