Tapis de Selle double face 馬鞍墊 scarf 90

Published Categorized as Hermès Silk Scarves & Accessories Collection
H904040S 05



The story behind

Make no mistake, when it comes to elegance, the horse knows a thing or two. This elegant creature has crafted a beautiful, bespoke chequered pad to go with his saddle. Since style is a serious matter, the composition has been carefully executed. Our equine designer has sketched out every element of his pattern, cut them out along the dotted lines and then chosen the colors, right down to the hue of the binding. And then, armed with needle and thread, he has slipped on a magic thimble and set to work diligently, taking care not to drop a single stitch. The result is a success, a veritable work of abstract art. Just look at the perfect hoof-stitching on the reverse of this double face scarf.

Internal Creation

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