Super Silk Quest 絲巾大探險 scarf 90

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H004011S 04


您手中只剩下最後一枚硬幣,這次你一定會在 Elias Kafouros 設計的遊戲中取得勝利! 第一關很輕鬆,超級騎士在柱子間穿梭,全速馳騁通過迷宮般的階梯。第二關充滿挑戰——不要讓她在下坡的路上掉下來。差點就失敗了! 握著遊戲控制器的手心開始出汗,氣氛逐漸緊繃。您需要拼盡全力對抗一群小怪物,才能順利進展。挑戰最後一關的時刻已經來臨:女主角搶下一個、兩個、三個包包,大獲全勝!

The story behind

You’re down to your last coin – this time you’re sure to win the game developed by Elias Kafouros! Level one: easy. Super Rider weaves between the columns, then navigates a maze of stairs at a gallop. Level two is more of a challenge – don’t let her fall off on the way down. Phew, that was close! The tension is rising and your palm start to sweat on the controls. You need to fight tooth and nail against a hoard of little monsters lying in wait to halt your progress. Time now for your heroine to take on the final level. She grabs one, two, three bags and victory is hers!

Designed by Elias Kafouros

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