Figure Artistique 藝術修辭法 scarf 90

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H004009S 09


最後的準備時刻已經來臨,騎士小心翼翼戴上頭盔,確保鞍具調整到最適合的狀態,馬頷韁緊貼馬匹,皮革光潔而且閃閃發亮,該是他們力求表現的時機了。圈乘、半圈乘、蛇乘、螺旋乘、斜乘——這些步伐經過反覆排練,深深刻在騎士的腦海中,並在絲巾上交織呈現。Florence Manlik 的設計全力展現對稱美感和令人著迷的造型,如同法式古典花園,特別為高水準馬場馬術比賽量身訂製。

The story behind

It’s time for the final preparations. The rider has carefully strapped on his helmet, the horse’s harness is perfectly adjusted, the martingale is snug, the leather glossy and the rings gleaming brightly. Moment has come to put their best foot forward. Volte, demivolte, serpentine, spiral, diagonal – the figures have been rehearsed over and over again and etched in the rider’s memory before materializing intertwined on this scarf. With its relentless symmetry and spellbinding shapes, Florence Manlik’s design resembles a French formal garden crafted to order for this high-level dressage competition.

Designed by Florence Manlik

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