Parade en Fanfare 盛大游行 scarf 90

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H004006S 10


眾多動物齊聚一堂,連諾亞方舟都甘拜下風。牛、貓頭鷹、水牛和鴨子隨著銅管樂隊的節奏前進,由駿馬領頭,取代獅子萬獸之王的地位。看啊,多麼生動華麗且多彩多姿的遊行! Tong Ren 扮演訓練動物的馴獸師角色,把動物分別安置在方格中,像拼圖一般拼湊出選美比賽爭奇鬥豔的壯觀場景。您可以自由移動動物,但千萬不要冒犯駿馬的權威。

The story behind

There are so many animals here that even Noah’s Ark would struggle to house them all. Can you hear the cow, owl, buffalo and duck marching to the beat of the brass band? It is indeed a horse that leads the procession – it’s not always the lion who wears the crown! This, my dear Sir, is a luxuriant and colorful parade. Like a circus tamer training his animals, Tong Ren has assembled quite a menagerie, each in its own square, in this puzzle-like pageant. Feel free to rearrange them but take care not to offend the horse’s honor.

Designed by Tong Ren

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