Lettres Equestre 馬術密匙 scarf 90

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試想以下情節:如果 19 世紀的產品目錄,也就是展示工匠精心之作的插圖專冊中隱藏了密碼,只有銷售員和店主能破譯結果呢? 誰能一口咬定會發生什麼事呢?或許此絲巾設計之所以在 Emile Hermès 博物館中雀屏中選,就是為了給我們一把通往好運的寶貴鑰匙。成功破譯魔法詞語的人能為鞍具恢復全盛時期的榮光,讓他們的駿馬成為最快樂的坐騎。

The story behind

What if 19th-century product catalogues – the illustrated albums that presented the artisans’ collections – concealed coded messages that only the salesman and the shopkeeper could decipher, away from prying eyes? Who knows, perhaps this scarf has been chosen from the Emile Hermès collection to give us a precious key to good fortune. Anyone who succeeds in deciphering the magic word will restore the harness to its full glory and make their horse the happiest of steeds.

Internal Creation

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