Pampa 草原風情 scarf 70

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高喬人從絲巾的一角疾馳到另一角,穿越阿根廷和巴西南部的平原。馬背上的牧人身穿色彩繽紛的上衣,足踏銀製馬蹬,一手握著韁繩,另一手則手持繩索,可以跨國傳遞消息。這款優雅的設計從索米爾的馬術博物館和 Emile Hermès 的珍藏品中汲取靈感,由 Jean de Fougerolle 於 1988 年首度推出。

The story behind

The gauchos gallop from one corner of this scarf to the other, across the plains of Argentina and southern Brazil. With their colorful tunics and silver stirrups, reins in one hand and lasso in the other, these horseback herders sometimes even carried messages from one country to another. Presented for the first time in 1988, this elegant design by Jean de Fougerolle is inspired by objects in the Saumur horse museum and the Emile Hermès collection.

Designed by Jean De Fougerolle

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