Figures Libres 自由姿態 scarf 90

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H004107S 09


在 Geoff McFetridge 筆下的滑板公園裡,高空滑板選手先休息片刻,再向我們展示實力:無論是豚跳、抓板、踩板頭和其他技巧,都透過鳥瞰角度顯得栩栩如生。畫家以色彩繽紛的平光色調打造一幅幾何圖形拼圖,在一縷陽光下展現曲線之美的深度。

The story behind

In Geoff McFetridge’s skatepark, there’s a moment’s rest for the high-flying skaters, before they show us what they’re really made of: ollies, grabs, tape noses and other tricks all bring this composition to life from the air. A graphic puzzle of colorful flat tones that reveal their curvaceous depth in the first ray of sunlight.

Designed by Geoff McFetridge

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