Della Cavalleria 駿馬騎士 double face scarf 90

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翻閱 Georg Engelhard von Loehneyss 撰寫的 Della Cavalleria,就像翻開一本以馬匹為主題的百科全書,也是 Emile Hermès 博物館的主軸。書中收錄馬場馬術、解剖圖、錦標賽和節慶聚會的插圖,以木版及銅版畫呈現華麗浩大的場面。Virginie Jamin 與 Hermès合作多年,從蛻變新生的主題汲取靈感,運用雕刻家風格的精緻線條臨摹幾件鞍具,以帶釦、繩帶和皮革描繪出巴洛克風格的迷宮,使畫面洋溢優雅氣息。

The story behind

Turning the pages of Della Cavalleria by Georg Engelhard von Loehneyss is like opening an encyclopedia about horses, the main theme of the Émile Hermès collection. From dressage and anatomy to tournaments and celebrations, the illustrations on wood and copper are both remarkable and spectacular. Inspired by the theme of metamorphosis, and using fine lines in the style of engravers, Virginie Jamin, a long-time partner of Hermès, uses harness components as her model and gracefully composes a baroque labyrinth of buckles, ropes and leather.

Designed by Jacqueline Colley

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