Brides de Gala 華麗的韁轡 forever scarf 90

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H001266S 75



H001266S 75

The story behind

Based on the Brides de Gala scarf design

In 1957, Robert Dumas worked with Hugo Grygkar. He placed two bridles face to face on the floor, and immediately it became clear that the composition was perfect, a scarf with unparalleled simplicity came to life. This was followed by the talent of a precise and subtle hand, which is so dear to the House. This design reflects the first love of a House of saddlers, its attraction to the beautiful, useful, and durable, as well as the enduring legacy of a title whose sounds evoke, as Jean-Louis Dumas once noted, “dazzling ceremonial garments”. The interlaced harnesses feature pieces from the Émile Hermès collection. Objects sometimes have a truly wonderful destiny.

Designed by Hugo Grygkar

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