Tea for Two 雙人茶會 scarf 90

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H003968S 07


滴答滴答……時間來到下午四點,而Jonathan Burton筆下的超級女英雄需要喝一杯富含神奇維他命的下午茶,才能讓頭盔長出神力翅膀。她只需投入代幣並按下按鈕,隨着一陣哐哐噹噹的聲響,看似亂無章法的機械零件帶動傳動軸,機器終於啓動。別笑!這個裝置運用發條原理,比彈珠台可靠多了。只不過,它時不時需要一隻暴躁胖貓拍打,並在太空人和駿馬兢兢業業的幫助下,才能順利運作。多麼有趣的裝置!

The story behind

Tick-tock… the clock chimes four and Jonathan Burton’s superheroine needs her tea with magic vitamins if she wants her helmet to grow wings. She just needs to insert a token and click, trot, clack, boing, the infernal machine starts up, its drive shaft made of a jumble of mechanical parts. Don’t laugh, it operates like clockwork and is much more reliable than a pinball machine. Of course, now and again it needs the helping paw of a fat, grumpy cat who hates to be woken up, or the more responsive assistance of an astronaut and his horse. What a contraption!

Designed by Jonathan Burton

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