Cavalier en Formes 優雅騎士 scarf 90

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H004008S 03


誰在那裡? 是一位藏身於圓形和正方形中的騎士嗎? Gianpaolo Pagni 從 Emile Hermès 博物館珍藏的《南錫圖片庫》 Imagerie de Nancy 汲取靈感,特別是數幅馬術平版印刷作品。藝術家僅選擇保留版畫中的坐騎,並遵循立體主義風格,透過幾何形狀的印章呈現騎士的輪廓,周圍的棕櫚葉則取材自 16 世紀的動物寓言集。設計結合文藝復興與超現實主義,向早期抽象藝術的豐富多彩和幾何圖形致敬。

The story behind

Who’s there? Is that a rider hiding under the circles and squares? For this design, Gianpaolo Pagni found inspiration in a series of equestrian lithographs from the Imagerie de Nancy conserved in the Emile Hermès collection. Choosing to retain only the mount from this engraving, he has used stamps in geometric shapes to represent the riders’ silhouettes in cubist style. The palm leaves all around are taken from a 16th-century bestiary. Where Renaissance meets surrealism, this design is a colorful and graphic homage to early abstract art.

Designed by Gianpaolo Pagni

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