A la Lumiere du Flambeau 在火炬的光芒下 scarf 90

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H904097S 06


從前有一位仙女手握神奇的火炬,具有轉化現實的力量。Pierre Marie 向 19 世紀維也納民間故事 Flambeau d’Ewald 致敬,透過六枚設計精美的圓形徽章,完美重現其中幾個段落的場景。絲巾呈現巧妙交織的緞帶和枝葉,忠實復現藝術家色彩繽紛的巴洛克風格。

The story behind

Once upon a time, a fairy gave the gift of a magical torch with the power to transform reality. Here, Pierre Marie pays tribute to the “Flambeau d’Ewald”, a 19th-century Viennese folk tale, reproducing several of its passages in the design’s six delicate medallions. Created from a masterful weave of ribbons and foliage, this scarf stays true to the artist’s colorful, baroque style.

Designed by Pierre Marie

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